How Butler Heating & Air Conditioning improved through technology assessment and planning

Many small, independently owned businesses in the U.S. that have been operating for multiple decades are using an antiquated infrastructure with a dated communications systems. But, because many of these systems have been in use for so long, officials do not bother to seek out a partner that can provide technology assessment and planning for the future.

This was the case for Butler Heating & Air Conditioning Company, a Dayton, Ohio enterprise that has been in business since 1949. However, in a move to generate improvement in their service offerings, Butler’s decision makers wisely turned to a trusted managed IT service in the area to assess the utility of the business’ internal practices.

By taking this measure, experienced consultants discovered that certain pieces of IT equipment were no longer being supported by manufacturers. Moreover, data backup was being handled through shaky, unreliable manual processes while no strategic disaster recovery plan existed at all.

Many software applications being used also did not have the proper licenses, opening up worries of legal sanctions. Their business phone system also lacked crucial characteristics like call recording, voicemail and screening options.

After this analysis was completed, the managed IT service completely revitalized the infrastructure. Licensing was brought up to date, data backup was automated and a testing schedule was implemented to ensure constant readiness for a technical glitch or natural disaster. A brand new phone system was also brought in, providing the internal stability that Butler needed in order to sustain growth and innovation.

In order for other Ohio businesses to enjoy the same benefits experienced by Butler Heating & Air Conditioning Company, they could turn to a Cincinnati IT consulting firm that can provide a wide range of technical support from networking, data services, telephony, mobile, cloud computing and much more.

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