How Cuni, Rust and Strenk better protects its data with the support of Cincinnati IT consultants

Actuarial consulting is an industry in which professionals advise clients on the best practices for leveraging the best decisions with regard to what policies to adopt, how to handle a pension and other items related to financial decision making.

Considering the nature of these practices, firms in the actuarial consulting industry must make the integrity and well-being of client data a foremost priority. However, for Cuni, Rust and Strenk (CRS) – an actuarial consulting firm based out of Cincinnati, Ohio – the company's dated technological processes were preventing the business from undertaking this necessity with optimal functionality.

In response, CRS officials decided to invest in the services of a Cincinatti IT consulting firm for a small office network analysis. Ultimately, IT consultants determined that the actuarial software being used to complete complex calculations was not supported by a properly advanced infrastructure.

Consequently, CRS worked with the consulting firm to better understand what areas of the business needed prioritization after which consultants developed a proposal to optimize the company's operations within their budget and without forcing employees to lose productivity in transition.

The result was a three-pronged plan in which data stability, backup and security – three of the most integral aspects of CRS's business model – were all stabilized. New servers were brought in to maximize data security and automate both daily and weekly data backup schedules. Additionally, new firewalls and antivirus software was implemented so that data was optimally secure from intrusion.

CRS is now able to achieve superior functionality and diminished downtime with more efficient processes and scalability for future growth.

Business officials in any industry looking to optimize their technological infrastructure can do so by similarly partnering with a managed IT support service that can provide operational analyses, product implementation and ongoing support.

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