IT missteps can hamper BYOD deployment

The virtual office is a growing reality. The growing trend of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) options and new innovations in unified communication and VoIP services in the business landscape make the ability to work from anywhere appealing. However, there are a number of common missteps that IT departments that hamper effective business strategies.

A new article from CIO Magazine looks at some of the top mistakes many IT departments are making, representing an unfocused approach to BYOD. According to the piece – which was written by the staff of InfoWorld – many companies use BYOD as a way to save money on supporting devices directly or as a gesture of trust for employees, both of which are considered to be misguided ideas.

"We all like to think we learn from mistakes, whether our own or others'." says the article. "And while the technical landscape advances quickly, one thing remains the same: IT's capacity to fall prey to misguided practices, given the complexity of the responsibilities involved."

Any device brought into the enterprise needs some degree of IT support and even tech savvy employees don't always know the full extent of BYOD responsibilities. New mobile solutions are arriving in the business world with enough frequency that a number of IT challenges including security and management tools can be dealt with. However, these measures are not always implemented due to unawareness.

The BYOD trend goes hand-in-hand with the rise in cloud computing, in which a number of mistakes are committed as well. Integration issues and security concerns have been stumbling blocks for companies that have jumped in blindly, instead of taking the time to research the cloud option.

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