Network audits can prevent derailment of VoIP systems

You would be hard pressed to find a company that doesn’t expect a new technology system to hit the ground running. As some investments can be costly upfront, to have any sort of falter out of the gate can be devastating. This is especially poignant with so called “mature” systems like VoIP – that companies have already experienced success with.

Many of the downfalls that cause VoIP systems to stagger and become money pits can be avoided with a strong pre deployment strategy and system audit. Tara Van Unen – a contributor for Channel Partners Online has a new article about the importance of ensuring every aspect of a business is up to speed before starting to implement the new system.

“By performing strategic ‘readiness’ assessments during the early stages of a project, solution providers can increase the odds of VoIP delivering the quality and savings customers expect from the outset,” writes Van Unen. “While decreasing the number of unpleasant surprises occurring during rollouts, providers benefit from increased customer loyalty and create new revenues streams before, during, and beyond deployment.”

The piece continues to talk about the debate between purchasing straight from a vendor or partnering with an IT consulting firm. With avoiding a middle man can save money upfront, the added benefit of having an experienced provider audit a network and existing setup can save resourced on the back end. There are a handful of things that need to be consider including network traffic, mobility, sound quality, security and scalability. Anyone of these can cause a system to fail if they can not handle the new workload.

Planning out a solution prior to deployment, increases the chances of success. Companies in Ohio that are considering investing in a VoIP solution would be wise to partner with an IT consulting firm.

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