New innovations affecting the future of business communication

There are a number of technology trends affecting the way that companies operate and providing insights to what the future could look like. In the realm of business communication, innovations like the cloud are improving connectivity and the functionality of an important tool.

A recent article from eWeek looks at the ways unified communication will be part of the future of the business world.

"If you look at the way people communicate, there are a lot of modalities people are using," Giovanni Mezgec, the general manager of a Microsoft solution, told eWeek. "There are a lot of ways people communicate. … There is value in simplifying the user experience by bringing all of these modalities together."

This concept of unified communication has been around for some time. According to market research firm IDC, the industry including UC hardware and services will top out at $26.2 billion this year and grow to around $38 billion by 2016.

Despite this number, there is debate as some experts expected the adoption rate to be quicker. It comes down to inhibitors like the complexity of the systems and economic factors versus the growing trends of bring-your-own-device, the cloud and video chatting that will play a major role in the future of UC options. Right now, the benefits seem to be winning.

For businesses that are looking for improve their communication with the latest VoIP solutions and UC systems, it is a wise move to partner with an IT consulting firm that is experienced in these realms. Finding a solutions provider that is also well versed in future systems like cloud computing can ensure an organization is getting the most up-to-date services.

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