System Update

Patch Management: The Plumber of Your IT

Software updates can be annoying and confusing blips that pop up on your computer screen from time to time. More often than not, you’ll click the little button to remind you later, just to get the notification off of your screen.

While this may seem harmless, delaying updates or patches can be just as detrimental to your computer or network as ignoring water flooding out of your dishwasher while you run another 20 loads through it anyway.

How Patch Management Works

Patches are essentially software updates for different programs, applications, or operating systems that smooth out bumps in your technology or reconfigure certain aspects of it. Patch management is a service provided to you by your managed service provider (MSP) who monitors and implements all updates for you, saving you the headache of navigating them yourself.

Just like trying to fix a faulty dishwasher, it can be difficult to know which part needs to be replaced or how long it will take to replace it. With an MSP taking care of patch management, they act as the plumber you call in to repair your broken dishwasher and stop your kitchen from flooding every time you use it.

Installing the Right Updates

Some software updates can do more harm than good or may soon be obsolete when another patch is released in a short time frame. MSPs will sort and prioritize patches for you, using their expertise to identity the updates your business actually needs and which ones you don’t, just like a plumber will decide which pipes are fine and which need to be replaced.

A software update once it’s started can take anywhere from a few seconds to several hours to be completed on a computer or your server. MSPs will install and implement updates after business hours, drastically reducing downtime caused by lengthy installation periods and reconfigurations. This boosts your business’s efficiency and productivity, which will, in turn, increase your revenue.

Let Us Take Care of IT

When it comes to dealing with patches and updates, your best choice is to leave it to the pros. Just like a plumber knows the best way to repair your pipes, MSPs have the knowledge to integrate the best patches for your business, saving you time, money, and headaches. At PRO On Call, we’ll take care of patch management to get the load off your back. Give us a call today for technology relief.