Security concerns continue to grow for IT professionals

Keeping internal networks and data secure is a top priority for IT departments in any industry. With the increasing trends of bring-your-own-device (BYOD)  and cloud computing, IT professionals find themselves dealing with a growing list of concerns that they need to be aware of and prepared to defend against.

A new report from Enterprise information firm ISACA is reporting that there are seven major network security challenges that IT departments are ready to deal with in the next 12 months. Data leakage (17 percent) and employee mistakes (16 percent) top the list. Incidents related to BYOD strategies account for 13 percent, while cloud computing gather 11 percent. Cyber attacks, external hacking and cloud computing are the final three, combining for 17 percent.

The survey – which polled over 3,700 businesses – also reports that 19 percent of respondents are ready to face all seven challenges, however 8 percent don’t expect to deal with any of them.

Company director Jo Stewart-Rattray was quoted in the report saying she was not surprised data issues top the list of concerns. Data collection is rapidly increasing and many companies are zeroing in on keeping data secure. Stewart-Rattray went on to say every business should be concerned with security.

“All organisations need to ensure that there are adequate security frameworks and guidelines in place to keep proprietary and sensitive company data secure,” Stewart-Rattray said.

The growing list of concerns that IT departments are facing can stretch them thin and many are looking outside the organization for a hand. Businesses in Ohio that are interested in evaluating their network security would be wise to partner with an IT consulting firm.

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