SMBs struggle with prioritizing VoIP features

Over the last few years, VoIP phone systems have gone a long way toward helping companies stay connected. In particular, many small and midsize businesses (SMBs) have been taking advantage of these solutions and increasing their profitability and productivity.

As a recent Resource Nation article points out, many in the business world are now familiar with VoIP and the features that the system brings to the table.

"This technology has impacted businesses, specifically SMBs, in an irreversible way," reads the piece. "By providing a number of advanced services and features, SMBs can emblematize the qualities of larger organizations. In addition to image, SMBs are able to support greater personalization, customer support, management, and presence through various features."

However, knowing the features available does not mean an organization knows which ones should be the top priority. Many users are still unsure as to what features they should be looking for and with upwards of 40-plus options, the confusion is understandable.

The article lays out five features that companies should consider. While some of them like caller ID with name and do not disturb would come to mind of most business decision-makers, the rest may not.

Priority alert allows users to set specific ringtones when an incoming call meets a pre-designed criteria like an existing customer number. Auto attendant allows smaller businesses to create larger company images by creating a menu to better direct and filter calls. Voicemail with find or follow me forwards calls from the desk phone to any of several different numbers.

These are just a few of the features that are available on current VoIP services. With the help of an experienced IT consultant that is familiar with VoIP, companies have a greater chance of adding the features that will work best for them.

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