Pairing VoIP with mobile technology helps with adoption

VoIP technology is changing the way many businesses handle their phone systems. By using the internet to connect, companies are saving money on local and international calls while also incorporating video conferencing and instant messaging systems into the same system. There are also a growing number of professionals using mobile applications on their smartphones and tablets that are incorporated into their VoIP phone system.

According to a press release put out by Mobidia Technology, messaging and VoIP applications are popular among smartphone users in both established and developing countries. In many places, penetration rates of 60 to 95 percent are common.

“The mobile messaging and VOIP app market is going to see a lot of activity in the next 12 to 24 months as upstarts, traditional app vendors, and operators battle to drive their growth and work to establish or maintain their leadership in the space,” Chris Hill , vice president of marketing at Mobidia, said in the press release.

It is easy to understand why mobility is a growing factor to VoIP success. With the increasing functionality of smartphones and tablets, more professionals are using them as a key part of daily business. On top of that, as remote workers become more common, a mobile application paired with a company’s VoIP system is the perfect way to stay connected.

To implement a solution that manages both mobile devices and a VoIP system, companies would be wise to partner with an experienced IT consulting firm that understands how these solutions can be paired together.

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