Study: mobile VoIP users expand 550 percent since 2012

When people think of the wild west, many imagine a lawless area where anything goes. With no widespread regulation, many individuals are free to throw their hat in the ring and try to make a buck.

In a recent IT Business Edge article, Carl Weinschenk compared that feeling to the current state of mobile VoIP technology. He mentioned that in just a few years, VoIP phone systems have evolved from an interesting idea that has some benefits to the main way that voice and media calls are made.

"The bottom line is that a fiercely competitive world is emerging in mobile VoIP: new devices, ever stronger networks – and intense downward pressure on baseline subscription rates," Weinschenk wrote. "The fact that they are essentially disappearing is good news for entrepreneurs with great ideas and, perhaps, even better news for consumers eager to use the products that those smart people create."

According to a study from Infonetics, there are currently 640 million over-the-top mobile VoIP subscribers worldwide. That is an increase of 550 percent since 2012. Even with such strong numbers, there is belief that the sector could expand even more because of increased wireless access, more smart devices in the hands of consumers and the development of VoIP over LTE networks.

For businesses that want to take advantage of this, partnering with an IT consulting firm that specializes in VoIP phone systems is a wise first step. This allows a company to audit its entire system and make sure it can optimize a new communication solution.

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