Despite early days of cloud technology, it is ‘imperative’ business adopt

If you have any experience in the IT world over the last five years or so, there is a good chance that you are familiar with the idea of cloud computing. Even though it has gained mainstream popularity and become a hot topic over the last couple of years, it is not the fine tuned machine that many outsiders believe it to be.

For many businesses it is still a fairly new technology. While they hear they should have it, decision-makers may not be comfortable moving large chunks of the company's process onto the platform.

Some of these feelings were reiterated by Wikibon senior analyst Stu Miniman in a recent interview with Silicon Angle. According to Miniman, cloud computing is by no means a steady state market. There is logic turning going on and it is still the early stages.

Miniman went on to say that companies need to be looking at the overall cloud environment. Five years ago there was pressure on IT departments to move away from the fixed cost model and implement a more flexible model. That is more easily done in the current landscape as the technology has evolved and the benefits are unmatched.

"Moving today, it's more about business agility and being able to deploy things faster," Miniman told the news source. "CIOs today, it's not if they should be using cloud environments, it's imperative that they do this or they will be left behind with what competitors are doing."

For any company that is considering, but is cautious about the cloud, an IT consulting firm that specializes in the technology can become a valuable resource in the decision-making and implementation processes.

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