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How Technology has Changed the History of the Entertainment Industry

It is almost hard to believe that movies came from such humble beginnings and that the only thing we used to be able to do on a phone was make a phone call, which had a ridiculously long cord, unless you were one of the lucky few to have a cordless. Our hand-held devices were Gameboys and bats, not tablets, smartphones and media players. Fortunately, the archaic days of technology are behind us. Technology has transformed the history of the entertainment industry.

  1. Movies jump out at you and have better effects

Going to the movies is much more fun and engaging, despite the high tickets prices and overpriced popcorn. Watching is a movie is an experience, one that delivers a 3D picture, crisp and precise quality, realistic effects, and even physical and olfactory engagements. Consumers benefit from companies trying to one-up each other.

  1. We stream instead of heading to the video or music store

There was a time when we needed large VHS and DVD cases to hold our dozens and dozens of movies, and it was absolutely necessary to store every single CD we owned in a zip-up case, or two or three. Now, streaming services give users access to every song they can think of and movies galore. We don’t even have to get out of our pajamas to get the latest album when it drops or to rent a movie as soon as it comes out

  1. Satellites are not as bad as they sound

Every day, we rely on the same technology that instilled fear in citizens during the Cold War—satellites. The term has a better meaning now, as we don’t have to turn a dial on our TVs or radios to be entertained. Satellite radio have given us the gift of commercial-free radio, but it also makes us pay for a service we get for free on the car stereo. Satellites also deliver the best television programming with HD channels, plenteous sport packages, foreign movies, and an endless supply of blockbuster films.

  1. Everyone is a star

Do you remember the times when actors were these mysterious objects we only saw every so often? We didn’t know much about their lives, other than the characters they played, the dates they brought to award shows, and the occasional interviews they awarded to a select few. Now, we know more about YouTube sensations and Kim Kardashian than we ever did about Greta Garbo. Technology has transformed unknowns into stars and invited the public into the homes of some of the most notable stars in the industry. On any given day, you can see what your favorite celebrity is wearing and what he/she is eating for breakfast.

  1. Creative mediums are now accessible and affordable

Making your own film or album used to be an expensive task, and one that requires a host of supporters, technicians and professionals, but not there is an app or software for it. Mobile devices and desktop computers can be equipped with affordable software and editing services to record movies, videos and songs.


As you can see, technology has transformed what we watch and listen to, and where we can access our favorite entertainment. Whether we are in the car, sitting at work, working out, or waiting to board a plane, we are constantly entertained. Entertainment is more affordable and it complements our demands for instant gratification. We do not have to wait forever for albums to drop and for movies to be released.

Now, what to do with all of those DVDs and CDs you bought?