unified communications

3 Ways Your Company Can Benefit From Unified Communications

Most companies know what unified communication is, even if they don’t know the actual term. Unified communication is the combination of every single mode of communication. This includes instant messaging, e-mail, voice conferencing and telephone services. Companies who offer this service aim to combine real-time communication with non real-time communication.

Boost Employee Productivity with Unified Communications

Companies who utilize unified communication have the highest degree of knowledge in regards to incoming and outgoing customer relations. In terms of customer service, it is optimal for your employees to be able to know that the customer on the phone just e-mailed in two days ago with the same concern.

One main advantage as a business owner is that you are able to combine and use the data, which can be invaluable when it is time to review employee performance. By doing quality checks, you can evaluate how well your staff is interacting with your clients. This can be labor intensive if you haven’t taken time time to invest in Unified Communications.

Utilize Innovative Technology

Unified Communications providers are pioneers in their field, because they have created a system that runs digitally through the use of servers. The information that their system collects is transmitted much like the way e-mail is transmitted. This development supports the idea that businesses are increasingly mobile. Since data is transmitted the same way that e-mail is, communication between company and client can be done from anywhere.

Contact management is extremely important to businesses, and with Unified Communications this process is streamlined. Not only are you able to keep client contact information in one central location, you are able to view all of the communication between your company and each client on a dashboard. For employees, it is extremely helpful to know if someone else just called the client that you intended to call.

Improve Office Functions with Unified Communications

With Unified Communications, It also becomes easy to see when a customer is taking advantage of your staff by attempting to call multiple employees with the same issue. Often times when a customer is unhappy and they don’t receive the answer they were hoping for, they will hop back on the phone and call a different employee hoping for a better answer.

Unified Communications provide an unparalleled service to businesses. Not only does it provide data management, but it also allows you to take business on the road. Utilizing Unified Communications consolidates information and provides better service to your customers.


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