The importance of ‘why’ in IT deployments

There are many aspects to unified communication solutions that can define success and failure. Unfortunately for most organizations, their view is too narrow and some components are overlooked by decision-makers.

In a recent column for InformationWeek, Erika Van Noort recounted her experience as an IT consultant and what she has seen when it comes to unified communication deployments. She mentioned that one of the biggest mistakes organizations make is focusing too much on the technology itself instead of how it will affect the people using it.

For example, she mentioned that during multiple client meetings, she is met with blank stares when asking clients "how would you measure the success" of an IT deployment? The common answer is that it was on time and budget. But that is only a small fraction of the equation and is a stance that needs to be upgraded.

"In my experience, most IT leaders focus much more on the 'hows' and 'whats' of technology, versus the 'why,'" Van Noort wrote. "They evaluate which technology is right for voice, and which technology works best for instant messaging. They don't start by asking what users actually want or need – for example, their motivations for using the technology and what's driving their desire to collaborate more as a team."

Successfully deploying a complete communication system is easier said than done. For companies in Ohio, solution providers offering Managed IT support in Dayton can become a reliable resource to make sure they are taking every aspect into account and implementing the perfect system.