Time to reevaluate cloud technology

Cloud computing has redefined many business strategies over the last few years. It has reached the point that some experts are now considering changing how they look at cloud technology.

Rich Hein, a contributor for CIO.com, interviewed David Foote, the CEO of Foote Partners – an IT research and advisory firm. During the conversation, Foote spoke about the future of cloud technology and what IT departments must do in order to stay ahead of the competition. He went on to say that the biggest challenge is defining the skills that IT departments need to successfully incorporate cloud technology.

“We need to retool our own view of the cloud now that is has become more mainstream and there are so many players in the market,” says Foote. “Cloud is blowing out into a very inclusive definition. Now things that have never been included in what would be considered a cloud role or job are being added to the growing list of cloud jobs.”

According to Foote, his company has talked internally about changing their definition of cloud because it has dramatically changed from what it meant four years ago. On top of that they are considering starting from scratch with their redefinition as the original assessment of the cloud no longer works.

Because of the benefits that companies can reap from cloud strategies like scalability, productivity, remote workforces and bring-your-own-device practices, IT departments need to take notice of how cloud infrastructures are changing. An IT consulting firm can help businesses ensure they have everything in place to get the most out of the cloud.

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