Top questions to ask when finding a VoIP provider

The future of telecommunications is a VoIP phone system, according to many industry insiders. Cost efficiency, call clarity, mobility and customer learning curve are all drawing businesses into purchasing a VoIP solution.

A new Whitepaper looks at the top 10 questions that businesses need to ask when looking to purchase a VoIP system.

"Buying a business phone system for your company is an important decision and one that must be made with a lot of thought and consideration," the white paper says. "Understanding your business needs and then examining the different types of phone systems would help in making the right decision."

The main thing that enterprises need to look into is quality. A major reason behind a phone system upgrade it better call quality. A business' current internet connection, is a major factor in the strength of a newly implemented VoIP system. Since VoIP is Internet based, a strong signal can guarantee the best possible quality.

Deployment time frame also needs to be under consideration. Depending on a companies need, the timeframe for implementing can range from a couple hours to a couple weeks.

The rest of the questions are basic business transaction ones – provider history, contract length, landline backup, quotes and comparative shopping.

Business officials in Ohio that are interested in implementing a VoIP phone system should partner with a Cincinnati IT consulting firm to discuss the more efficient option for their workplace.

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