Using UC to engage remote employees in an asynchronous workplace

In a recent article published by PCWorld, tech expert Robert Strohmeyer describes the workplace he was apart of at the onset of the 20th century. The office housed virtually all employees and hardware, everyone came into the office at similar times, meetings were scheduled for everyone to attend in person and communication was conducted through vocal chords.

However, as he continues his piece, he relates how different the corporate world has become. For example, today modern technology is creating an asynchronous workspace that has allowed staff members to work remotely and maintain high levels of productivity and collaboration on the move.

Consequently, with staff members handling so many different projects at once at a variety of locations, Strohmeyer mentions that it becomes a difficult task to get top employees in the same room at the same time. And when in-person meetings are setup, certain staff members will inevitably have to participate by phone, potentially decreasing the clarity of the message.

In response, Strohmeyer states that "In this asynchronous workplace, where it's increasingly difficult to get all of our key players focused on the same task at the same time, social collaboration tools are essential to good communication."

And when a business adopts a culture to embrace such tools, likely in the form of a unified communications (UC) platform, companies can successfully keep the gears turning even when staff are virtually never in the same physical location. With resources like shareable project management software, video conferencing, synchronous chat and file versioning, Strohmeyer concludes that UC will bring "digitally engaged thinkers up to speed."

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