VoIP options prove their cost effectiveness

The common belief is that VoIP can save companies money on telecommunications and it's true. With ever-evolving technology, business phone options are a large beneficiary, and knowing what each system has to offer will lead to the best savings.

New comments from Mitchell Barker, the CEO of a VoIP provider, have been touting the benefits of switching to a VoIP option.

"VoIP is experiencing this upsurge in popularity mainly due to its proven cost effectiveness," said Barker in a press release. "By switching to VoIP, businesses can meet all their telephone needs. All they have to do is expand their Internet data bandwidth requirements by a small percentage."

A VoIP option can save anywhere from 40 to 70 percent off a business's monthly telecommunication bills, according to Baker. Discounted local, long distance, mobile and international calls are main attractions for businesses. Also, VoIP options are more cost-effective to maintain and upgrade when compared to a traditional phone system over the systems' lifetime.

VoIP provider Telappliant has released a new whitepaper that shows that many businesses avoid deploying a VoIP option for reasons that are based off of old ideas instead of current industry standards. Businesses in Ohio that are interested in switching to a VoIP phone system would be wise to partner with an IT consulting firm to ensure they are procuring a complete solution.

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