Working Remotely: Should You Invest in It

Working Remotely: Should You Invest in It

The purpose of investing is to put money into an asset with an expectation of capital appreciation, dividends, or earning interest. Millions of individuals are currently investing in markets outside of their personal holdings. If they are taking risks by investing in other business ventures – you would expect them to invest in their own companies, right? Has your organization been looking into allowing employees to work remotely? Well, look no further. Let’s look at some of the benefits of investing in a business structure which allows employees to ditch the highway for a digital commute.

Cost Analysis of Working Remotely

Reduced Expenses

  • Losing a valued employee can cost an employer $10,000 to $30,000.
  • Recruiting and training a new hire costs thousands.
  • 14% of Americans have changed jobs to shorten their commute.
  • 46% of companies utilizing teleworking say it has reduced attrition.
  • 95% of employers say telework has a high impact on employee retention.
  • More than half of employees feel their commute is getting worse.
  • 92% of employees are concerned about the high cost of fuel.
  • 73% feel their employers should take the lead in helping them reduce their commuting costs.

Real Results

  • Nearly 6 out of 10 employers identify cost savings as a significant benefit to telecommuting.
  • After implementing a work-from-home policy, Alpine Access Remote Agents closed 30% more sales than traditional agents the year before. Customer complaints decreased by 90%. Turnover decreased by 88%.
  • IBM was able to slash real estate costs by $50 million by doing the same.
  • Dow Chemical and Nortel saved over 30% on non-real estate costs.
  • Sun Microsystems saved $68 million a year in real estate costs.
  • Offers inexpensive compliance with ADA for physically challenged workers.
  • Partial Telework can offer real estate savings by instituting an office hoteling program.

Pro OnCall Will Invest In Your Company

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