Cloud market to expand to ‘millions’ of options

Some companies strive after the ability to have a variety of products on the market. Just look at any food brand that starts turning out multiple flavors in hopes of bringing in a few extra dollars. There are certain industries, however, where it wouldn't seem like a large amount of variety is possible. The cloud computing sector has become one of these diverse markets.​

In a guest column for Giga OM, Lew Moorman, the CEO of a cloud computing provider, explained why there may be a million different varieties of the cloud in the years to come. While many people are aware of the big guys like Apple's iCloud, Google's Drive and Amazon's Cloud, he points out that there are many more options available.

"Well, don't let the momentum of these super-clouds confuse you," Moorman wrote. "Despite the imposing presence (and market share) of such giants, I believe that there is plenty of space – and more importantly demand – for not a few, or 10 or 20 or even a hundred of clouds, but millions. The future is a multi-cloud, hybrid-cloud world. "

He went on to say that there are a number of different varieties of cloud on the market already. These include public, private, customized, specialized, local, high-performance, low-cost, technology-specific and application-specific, among many others.

With so many options on the menu, it can become a daunting task for businesses to decide on which version of the cloud they want to implement. It is an even bigger challenge for companies with little IT experience. This is where an IT consulting company that specializes in the cloud can become an invaluable resource and help any business make a decision about the platform.

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