Despite benefits, cloud adoption rates lower than expected

No business wants to get caught up in the hype of a product and invest in something that they do not need. There are a number of different technologies that have hit the market in recent years that are making businesses try to figure out what the true value to their company before adopting. However, in some instances the numbers say "hype" but those that have used the innovation realize how far from the truth that is.

This is what is happening right now with cloud computing. Many experts have touted the numerous benefits that companies will experience by implementing the technology, but a recent report shows that the actual adoption rate is below where many believe it should be.

Released by Unisphere Research, the study found that 37 percent of technology decision-makers have rolled out a running private cloud network. This is only an increase of 8 percent from two years ago. With the amount of talk about the cloud in recent years, that number seems low.

It is even more puzzling when other findings from the survey are presented. The study found that by next year, 51 percent of respondents will be running substantial parts of their workloads in a cloud setting.

The cloud is reaching fewer companies than industry experts expected, but those that have adopted the technology have found an invaluable tool for their business. It has become the platform on which many critical solutions are run and is helping improve productivity and profitability. Any company can deploy a cloud solution with the help of an IT consulting firm that is familiar with cloud technology.

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