Cloud technology moves away from IT departments and into the entire business

Cloud computing has taken a step that few technology solutions do – moving out of the IT department and becoming a major priority for other parts of the business. This is rare, because while all tech strategies affect multiple areas of a company, IT personnel are the ones that manage the systems and make the decisions on what is needed.

According to a report from Capgemini, the responsibility for cloud adoption lies primarily with employees without an IT background. An article from ZDNet, examines the study and the way that cloud technology has evolved.

“The real cloud evangelists these days seem to be on the business side and not the IT side,” Ron Tolido, senior vice president for Continental Europe at Capgemini, told ZDNet. “Until now cloud was often considered a more technology-driven topic.”

He went on to say that almost half of all decisions about the cloud when it comes to budget, selection and implementation come from the business side and not the IT side. This means the tech side has to deal more and more with members of the sales team, executives, human resources and other departments. This is a massive shift for IT personnel.

The report – which surveyed 460 organizations globally – found that 76 percent of companies have decided on a strategy for adopting cloud and uptake is the highest in the U.S.

Cloud technology has evolved from a luxury to a business necessity. An IT consulting firm can help businesses adopt new technologies like the cloud, even if they need to move outside of IT departments.

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