Disaster recovery part of many IT departments

The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy is still being felt two months after it made landfall and devastated several areas in the northeast. Earlier this month the 12/12/12 concert for Sandy relief dominated airwaves, social media and watercooler talk.

The storm also helped opened the eyes of many businesses when it comes to disaster recovery. Following an event like Sandy, there is no telling how long a company may need to keep its doors closed. Some companies are still trying to get things back on track.

Many IT departments have taken the lessons of Sandy and used them to better prepare themselves for the next storm. A recent article from the CU TImes examined some steps that businesses should take when implementing a new disaster recovery system.

The first thing companies need to do is ensure employees understand the system and make sure everyone is on the same page before anything happens. By running through practice scenarios and laying out a solid game plan that all workers understand, if a disaster hits, the business will not miss a beat. IT departments also want to go over the plan often to ensure everything is working the way it should and any new systems are incorporated.

There are also a number of different solutions that can be used. Tape and disk backup has historically been a common choice, but new options like cloud technology have brought entire new features to backup systems.

Businesses that are looking to increase their data recovery solutions would be wise to partner with an IT consulting firm that offers solutions like those from EMC.

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