Executives shift priority in cloud computing adoption

For any new innovation, business owners examine a number of different factors before they invest. Cloud computing, for example, can affect several aspects of daily operations, so ensuring the solution works the way companies require is crucial.

According to an IDC survey, IT decision-makers are starting to think more strategically and less tactically. The survey found that 75 percent of respondents view the cloud as a way to solve key business issues and most organizations that responded plan to introduce a new cloud system in 2013.

Reducing overall IT costs is still the biggest factor that executives care about and was cited by 40 percent of businesses. This number has been in decline in surveys over the years where cost was a top reason almost across the board.

Now, things like competitive edge, cited by 66 percent of IT managers, streamlining work processes and meeting challenges more quickly are becoming more attractive reasons to adopt cloud technology. On top of that, the added agility of the cloud can help companies introduce new products and services faster.

Once a cloud decision has been made, the final step is choosing the right vendor or IT consultant to help ensure the system is deployed successfully. According to the report, executives are not just looking to the big guys, and more than half of respondents said they are ready to work with someone new.

“The willingness to work with new suppliers gives enterprises a better chance of finding innovative ways of solving their IT needs and getting the optimal solution – not only from a cost perspective but also from a business development perspective,” said IDC analyst Mette Ahorlu.

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