Finding cost-effective disaster preparedness solutions in the cloud

In the wake of two record-setting years that presented an unprecedented volume of natural disasters, one might arrive at the assumption that businesses across the country are allocating more funds towards disaster preparedness and recovery initiatives.

Therefore, it is understandable why Gartner Research reported that disaster recovery has recently been the number one subject of client inquiries.

However, although interest in this industry may be high, according to a recent survey conducted by Forrester Research, only 6 percent of overall IT budgets are being set aside to fund business continuity and disaster recovery programs.

This is not entirely surprising as in former years, the primary way to prepare a business for a severe weather incident or other catastrophes was investing in expensive and bulky hardware that backed up data in house, but that oftentimes sat in a storage closet collecting dust.

Consequently, for business officials looking for a more cost effective and flexible way to spearhead disaster preparedness initiatives, it would be wise to consider shifting data backup to the cloud.

By taking this measure, business officials can enjoy virtualized hardware systems that are integrated into an existing unified communications program and provide many cost benefits.

For example, because backup systems located in the cloud require a high degree of bandwidth in order to operate efficiently and undertake effective data replication, other complex business processes like videoconferencing and collaborative document sharing can be done with optimized productivity.

Moreover, because virtualized backup assistance in the cloud takes automated snapshots of updated corporate information, engineers will save valuable time by not having to re-input data that's already been processed if the primary servers fail for any reason. 

Business officials in Ohio looking to adopt one of the most cost-effective disaster recovery solutions available can do so by hiring a Columbus IT partner that can provide cloud computing solutions.

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