How a network analysis allowed Ctek Tools & Machinery

For businesses in any industry, having a stable communications infrastructure is key. For example, many companies may have business inquiries coming in at all hours of the day, and provisions need to be instituted to ensure that those calls are processed and returned efficiently. Because if this measure is not taken, a potential customer who has trouble reaching the proper person will most likely be turned off to that enterprise and patronize a competitor.

The officials at Ctek Tools & Machinery – a Cincinnati-based provider of industrial and commercial equipment – was having this problem as their business began to expand across multiple time zones. With a rigid communications infrastructure, the company had no auto attendant to handle calls coming in past established business hours.

Moreover, the company's network often left callers with a busy signal, and no voicemail system was in place. Consequently, the organization would often times be neglecting potential business without even knowing it.

In response, Ctek Tools & Machinery turned to a Cincinnati IT consulting firm for a network analysis, which turned up a series of obstacles hindering optimal performance. Servers were not being used properly, virus software was outdated and data backup was antiquated, all resulting in a disconnect between the company and its clients.

In response, the IT support consultants implemented new processes that allowed business officials to access and manage their calls and voicemails at any time from any location. New servers were implemented for superior business administration and data recovery and dated workstations were updated with new software to maximize existing IT investments.

Consequently, Ctek Tools & Machinery is now well positioned to better handle an increased volume of business inquiries without overburdening its staff or budget.

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