How Curran & Whittington improved service with a VoIP system

Law firms need to have a flexible communications infrastructure. With so many competitors in an oversaturated market offering similar services, failing to achieve next level communications solutions will likely drive potential clients to other firms.

This issue was becoming problematic for Curran & Whittington, PC – a law firm specializing in personal injury litigation – which was growing too fast for its wide area network (WAN) business phone system to accommodate.

For example, the firm's existing system forced the organization to pay huge long distance fees in order to communicate messages between offices. The system had no centralized voicemail features, and no call routing so that inquiries could be seamlessly forwarded to the proper party at another location.

Moreover, the firm's phone system had no scalability to lay the framework for growth, and the rigid infrastructure was creating high internet and bandwidth consumption for large monthly usage bills.

However, by partnering with an IT consulting firm, the officials at Curran & Whittington were able to solve many of these problems and increase their quality of service by implementing a VoIP business phone system.

By taking this step, the law office only had to pay their service provider one flat rate, allowing for seamless interconnection between offices without having to shell out extra funds for long distance charges. The firm's voicemail system became centralized allowing for greater flexibility in recording messages and returning calls, and security protocols were optimized.

And with all these gains, the firm was able to demonstrate measurable success and a fast return on its investment.

Considering such, businesses in Ohio who similarly want to revitalize their communications infrastructure would be wise to do so with the assistance of a Cincinnati phone service that provides around the clock maintenance.

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