How the cloud provides businesses with enhanced protection from hackers

Cloud computing affords many apparent benefits to business owners. Scalability inherent in cloud technology allows companies to instantly expand or decrease the capacity necessary to meet data needs at a specific time.

Additionally, a business could successfully empower employees to work remotely, decreasing the expensive real estate costs associated with brick and mortar facilities.

While the perks of partnering with a Columbus IT service to implement cloud technology for a business are abundant, remotely managing the full scope of a company's data can potentially be cause for concern from a security standpoint – especially for companies in possession of confidential information that could lead to legal recourse or embarrassment if compromised.

While certainly a reasonable concern, many experts have actually described that utilizing cloud computing may in fact enhance a company's data security by providing additional cushion between users.

For example, a concept exists in the cyber security field known as a "man-in-the-middle attack." While many employees may believe they are corresponding over secure communication channels, a man-in-the-middle attack occurs when a third party breaches the system and mediates the correspondences between the other two individuals.

Addressing this issue, many providers of cloud computing have developed advanced encryptions preventing such a breach in addition to firewalls that detect unusually high volume flow, suggesting that an unauthorized individual is tampering with the network.

Considering these enhanced security protocols provided by the best cloud computing companies, business officials looking to reap the benefits of cloud technology without fear of privacy breaches would be well-advised to consult with a Columbus data services provider that could implement the necessary software and hardware for seamless cloud adoption.