How unified communications enables businesses to turn time into money

For companies of all sizes, the amount of time that it takes for employees to complete their duties is directly correlated with the business' bottom line. Therefore, many business officials have begun to invest in unified communications platforms to bring owners, employees, suppliers and consumers closer together, facilitating easier-to-use and more meaningful communications channels. As such, employees are enabled to complete tasks with greater efficiency and move on to other revenue generating activities for the company.

According to a case study surrounding COWI Group – an engineering consulting firm with branches all over the world – business officials were having significant accessibility problems with more than 6,000 employees in 40 countries. But, by seeking out managed IT support, the company was able to solve its issues and facilitate superior communication for employees who were constantly on the move.

For example, many employees travel to geographically dispersed business locations, meaning that having seamless access to tools like IP-telephony, video conferencing, call forwarding, chatting, presence data document and document sharing is crucial to their productivity. According to the case study, COWI's unified communications platforms allows employees to effectively utilize time in transit, so they can easily tackle the complexities of their duties from virtually anywhere.

Moreover, unified communications technology further facilitated connectivity between dispersed employees through video conferencing capabilities. According to the study, unified communications video integration enables employees to see and hear one another in revolutionary ways, meaning important meetings could be held with top quality between colleagues in different countries while only paying local rates.

Considering the productivity and cost-effectiveness afforded to the different components of COWI's business model, business officials in Ohio looking to reap similar gains for their operations could do so by deploying the assistance of a Cleveland phone service to tailor a unified communications system to the business' specific needs.

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