Untangling the complexities of traditional phone systems with VoIP solutions

Shifting business communications to a VoIP system is solving a huge assortment of problems that existed with traditional phone systems.

According to a recent press release published by Business Wire, "traditional phone systems need several lines, several different networks and hence the whole system works as a separate system. It becomes difficult to not only maintain different lines but also have a central system that offers greater transparency and consistency."

However, this whole range of problems is solved by utilizing VoIP business phone systems for a business' employees. One of the most valuable solutions afforded through VoIP technology is empowering staff members to complete the full scope of their daily responsibilities from a location outside the office.

While hardwired in-house telephony systems forced all employees to do their work in a primary workspace, by integrating communications into one unified IP-based server, employees can undertake the same function while still successfully collaborating with other staff members from virtually any location. This also provides other opportunities for corporate gain because when employees can work from anywhere, a company can explore the possibility of downsizing their brick-and-mortar facility, potentially saving big on expensive real estate costs.

Efficiencies are also maximized through VoIP solutions in that one provider can provide an umbrella service to multiple business locations, negating the need to deal with the confusion of different providers and different bills for dispersed locations.

Considering these many benefits, a recent report suggests that VoIP adoption will rise 15 percent in America between 2010 and 2014.

Companies in Ohio considering VoIP adoption would be well-advised to consult with a Columbus phone service that offers free voice services analyses. During this process, telecommunications professionals can audit a business' current telephony system and make a free, no obligation recommendation regarding the features and functionality that a company could deploy to optimize their internal and external communications processes. 

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