Millennial employees highlight need for remote workplace technologies

It is a fact that different generations have a different relationships with technology. Just look around any crowded public area and see the ages of people who are using the latest smartphone or tablet. This is becoming a factor in how businesses adopt certain technologies.

According to a recent study by PwC, the millennial generation – those born between 1980 and 1995 – have different priorities in what they seek in a job opportunity. The study found that workplace flexibility and better balance between work and home life are holding much more weight in the decision-making process.

Gaenor Bagley, the head of people at PwC, is quoted in the study about how younger workers are thinking.

"Millennials want more from their jobs than just financial reward," Bagley said. "A strong and supportive team, flexibility and work/life balance are far more likely to keep this generation motivated at work and many would be willing to forgo pay rises and promotions for greater flexibility. Millennials view work as a thing, rather than a place, so companies will need to free themselves from the traditional nine-to-five mentality."

One of the best ways to cater to this new line of thinking is by investing in the right technology solution. Systems like cloud computing and unified communication options can make it easy to offer a workplace that can successfully mix traditional office ideas with a remote workforce.

By partnering with an IT consulting firm that can manage all of these solutions, any business is able to implement them successfully. From installing a VoIP phone system to making sure employees can access files stored in the cloud from any computing device, organizations can start catching up to millennial workers.

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