Outsourcing IT becomes a ‘business imperative,’ survey finds

For a long time there has been a negative connotation that goes along with the idea of outsourcing technology needs. That sentiment is starting to change, however, as IT support is becoming more important and outsourcing is moving out of the shadows and finding a place as a valuable tool for businesses.

In a recent article for InfoWorld, contributor Ted Samson, examined a new survey. According to the report, there are a number of reasons for the current growth in the outsourcing landscape. As technology advances quicker than businesses can adapt, they are looking for help integrating these innovations like cloud computing and application development.

“The reasons for the upshift: Companies are eager to dig into piping-hot technologies like cloud, big data, and mobile but can’t find sufficiently skilled IT workers to fill related job openings,” wrote Samson. “Couple that talent shortfall with the ever-present need for speed to market, and the need for outsourcing becomes a bit clearer, though perhaps still tough to stomach for unemployed or underemployed IT pros in the United States.”

IT staffing agency Bluewolf is responsible for the survey, which examined the state of IT outsourcing. According to the report, one-third of organizations will increase spending on technology outsourcing over the next 18 months, while 48 percent plan to hire more contractors.

The study calls the practice a strategic tool that reflects a changing business and technology landscape. It also states that outsourcing has advanced from a tourniquet to quickly cut costs into a company imperative.

Outsourcing is no longer a dirty word for businesses to consider and is becoming an effective resource for companies to rely on for technology planning strategies. Businesses in Ohio that are interested in outsourcing IT solution would be wise to partner with an IT consulting firm.

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