VoIP, cloud help growing remote work force run effectively

If given the option, would you rather do your job from the office or from your living room? According to 79 percent of the employees interviewed in a recent survey, home is where the heart is and the desired working environment – at least part of the time.

Those results are part of a new Infographic released by Bolt Insurance, that shines a light on the growing trend. As many as 30 million U.S. workers operate from home at least one day a week and about 3 million never set foot in a physical office – a number that is expected to grow to 4.9 million in 2016. That breaks down to 20 percent of Americans that work from home at some point and 50 percent have a job where telecommuting is possible.

The study also found that a company can save as much as $11,000 per year per person who telecommutes and a workers save an average of $5,000 a year.

As Alex Weaver wrote in a recent Bostinno article on the subject, “the American office culture of the future isn’t likely to be a carbon copy of its past.”

This idea is seen around the corporate world today in a number of different forms. Whether it’s by increasing the remote workforce, adding treadmill desks or the adoption of tablets as the primary computing device, change is coming.

For telecommunication to work properly, companies need to adopt technologies like a VoIP phone system or cloud storage and computing to ensure employees can be as effective out of the office as they can be in it. Partnering with an IT consultant that understands these processes can go a long way towards ensuring that a remote workforce is successful.

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