Partnering with a Cincinnati IT consulting firm to curtail energy misuse

Superior energy management has been a hot button topic pervasive throughout virtually every sector of the United States. While environmental conservationists have arguably been at the forefront of energy saving initiatives, officials in the corporate world are recognizing the need to optimize their energy deployment as well in order to achieve a competitive edge in the global marketplace.

In fact, according to the recent study, “Energy Management Systems for Industrial Markets”, conducted by Pike Research, enterprises in the United States are quickly realizing that the massive energy consumption currently deployed by American corporations will not be able to sustain competitive business models.

As the study found, industrial and manufacturing organizations in the U.S. are responsible for the consumption of roughly one-third of all the energy used in the entire country. Corroborating an extreme mismanagement of domestic energy usage, a 2009 study undertaken by 1E and the Alliance to Save Energy found that nearly $3 billion dollars have been wasted in America based on simple and avoidable negligence such as failing to shut down a corporate-issued computer when it is not being used.

And with such massive hemorrhaging, it is critical for business officials to develop innovative renewal strategies to ensure their organization's survival against more sustainable international companies.

One excellent method for enterprise officials in Ohio to utilize is a partnership with a Cincinnati IT consulting firm that can provide technology consulting services. By taking this measure, experienced IT professionals can help business officials understand their technology goals and help develop a strategic program to fulfill those goals with optimized energy deployment.

Consequently, an enterprise can prioritize and implement necessary changes in order to maintain maximum competitiveness in the global marketplace.

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