The benefits of broadband

As repeatedly stressed throughout this blog, social, cloud and mobile technologies are all rapidly being developed in the corporate world and becoming more and more integral to a business' daily operations.

Another technology that has already carved out its explicit niche in businesses all over the world is broadband. Referring to a large digital frequency that allows a significant volume of data to pass through all at once, broadband diminishes the downtime that characterizes servers with less bandwidth.

Consequently, employees can be more productive when using broadband because they can zip around the internet and obtain necessary business data very quickly rather than sitting around idly waiting for the next page to load.

And according to a recent survey of more than 7,000 businesses in nine different states entitled "The 2012 Jobs and Broadband Report, National Projections On How American Businesses Use Computers and Broadband to Grow, Hire, and Thrive," the enhanced productivity can lead to vastly increased revenue generation.

For example, the researchers found that one in three businesses in the U.S. have developed online sales strategies, providing an outlet for roughly 2.4 million different companies.

However, it was determined that of those companies, the ones that are using broadband can obtain approximately $300,000 more in median annual revenue than those that do not.

"These findings have important implications for all policymakers and business leaders," said Tom Ferree of the research team. "Expanding broadband access, adoption, and use is a proven driver of economic growth and is vital to ensure the United States’ place in the global digital economy."

Considering these statistics, businesses in Ohio that have not developed broadband strategies would be well advised to partner with a Cincinatti IT partner that can provide a small network analysis to determine what solution would be most beneficial to generate a fast ROI.