The truth about VoIP phone security

As more businesses convert daily operations to a digital format or integrate them with solutions like the cloud, keeping company information safe becomes a bigger challenge. The cyber criminal element is growing and any system that connects to the internet can become a target and lead to a major security breach.

VoIP technology is one of these systems, but there is a misconception about how security in this area actually works and it is causing some companies to be slow to adopt the technology. A recent article from Business 2 Community covers this myth and why it is wrong.

"There are many doubts and fears surrounding VoIP that have to do with eavesdropping or call hijacking since the system uses the internet to communicate," the article reads. "But, a managed VoIP phone system will take care of all the security protocols and put in place all the safeguards so that your network is safe."

The piece goes on to say that unauthorized access during a phone call becomes very difficult. However, companies need to be aware of what the security protocols are and how to best optimize the system. In many cases the best way to do this is with the help of an experienced consulting firm that specializes in IT.

In the end, your VoIP system is only as safe as your Internet connection. Without the right safeguards put in place for your company internet connection, anything attached to it, including a VoIP phone system, is vulnerable to being attacked.

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