VoIP helps increase remote workforce adoption

The concept of working from home has moved away from something that only the higher-ups were able to do to a standard practice company wide. This is because of several new technologies like the cloud and mobile devices, which are making it easier than ever for employees to stay connected to the office when not sitting in front of their desk.

In a recent Econsultancy column, Paul Boag examined the growing trend of the remote workforce. According to Boag, who has worked remotely and managed groups of similar employees for the last 12 years, the benefits are substantial. Having this option in your company allows you to attract and retain staff, increase productivity and demonstrate a level of employee trust.

For this to be successful, however, it requires organizations to have the right IT systems in place. From cloud computing systems to a unified communication solution, these IT pieces are critical to success.

"One tool that can help individuals to work remotely is VoIP, which is renowned as a wonderful telecommunications platform enabling users to enjoy cheap calls and super reliability," a Telappliant article reads. "Ditching a landline and making the move to VoIP is a shrewd move by businesses of any size or in any field."

To implement technology like a VoIP phone system or cloud computing, organizations should partner with an IT consulting firm that specializes in these solutions. A solution provider that understands the challenges of implementation can help ensure a proper deployment.

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