Top money saving reasons businesses should switch to VoIP

With the number of technical innovations happening a number of industries, company decision-makers are being bombarded with devices and services that can streamline business and keep some greenbacks in the corporate wallet. It can be tough to keep the benefits straight and relevant to a specific business.

For many organizations, the bottom line will take preference over other reasons to invest. That makes sense as business is all about making money and keeping the doors open. This is why solutions like cloud computing and VoIP phone systems are getting so many headlines.

According to a recent report from TechNavio, the VoIP industry is projected to have a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 10.15 in the four year period from 2012 to 2016.

“While this estimated figure is largely based on an expected increase in the number of VoIP providers on the market, it is also related to a forthcoming surge in customers switching from traditional phone companies to VoIP,” reads the release about the report.

Recently, The Digest – a business communication directory – compiled a list of the top money-saving reasons businesses have expressed for switching or implementing a VoIP system.

Many of the reasons on the list are things that have been mentioned in this blog before, like cheaper international and long distance calls, scalability options and free, easy installation. One that does not get much ink is the ability to incorporate systems outside of the traditional phone call, like video conferencing. Face-to-face interaction can be much more rewarding than a voice conversation.

Any company that is interested in deploying a VoIP phone system would be wise to partner with an IT consulting firm to ensure all of their needs are met and the solution is managed properly after installation.

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