VoIP expands into UAE

The internet has significantly changed the way consumers and businesses communicate. Whether it is connecting through emailing, text messaging, video conferencing or VoIP services, companies are finding it easier than ever to have a conversation both internally and with their customers. Some have even combined all of these systems into a single unified communications solution.

On top of that, the use of the internet has shrunk the business world, making it possible for a company in Ohio to do business with another in Asia, just like they are getting in touch with a business up the street.

According to a new report from the Gulf News, even more parts of the globe are get to experience the technology. The story, which comes out of Dubai, says that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is getting its first legal public VoIP systems.

Despite being around for nearly a decade, the UAE has been slow to adopt the technology because of restrictions. In March of 2010, the area received a business limited, outsourced telephone network and in October 2011 a mobile app version was released that also incorporated social media, instant messaging and entertainment portions.

Many in the area have been clamoring for the ability to make cheaper phone calls through the internet. Last year, Gulf News writer Matt Duffy wrote a column calling countries to allow the technology into the area without restrictions and licenses, which would eliminate the monopoly currently held by government run providers.

In the end, this news in the UAE shows the popularity of VoIP technology. The cost effectiveness and reliability of the internet calling seems to be the next step for business communication.

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