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Reactive vs. Proactive IT Support

What do you think is smarter, planning ahead or figuring things out as you go? Would you rather be prepared, or scrambling last minute, unsure of when you’ll reach harmony again? Of course, it’s better, more efficient, and less stressful to be ready for anything. That why businesses are increasingly getting in touch with managed service providers (MSPs) and making the switch over to proactive IT support. The days of reactive IT support are fading, and for good reason.

Reactive vs. Proactive IT Support

To really understand the difference and why people are making the switch, let’s make sure we understand what each of these are. Reactive support, also known as the break-fix approach, is when you react to the damage after it’s already happened. For example, if your system is down and you call someone to come out and fix it for you, that is reactive IT support. Proactive, on the other hand, is ahead of the game. This type of support consists of a software that scans your system/server/network 24/7/365 and warns of any potential danger. There are many benefits to this approach that reactive IT support doesn’t exhibit.

How Proactive Support Solves Reactive Downsides

Let’s go back to that system example from the previous paragraph. If you take the reactive approach, what do you do after you call the tech guy? Nothing, really. You just wait because you need your computer for business, and now that it’s out, you can’t do anything except wait for it to be back up and running. That downtime could be very detrimental to your success — nothing halts business more than downtime. This is also a costly alternative. How much will it take to roll out a technician to your location? He probably also charges by the hour, and who knows how long he’ll take.

In contrast, proactive IT support is reliable, and there won’t be any surprise bills. Your MSP considers and evaluates the costs that come with the break-fix model, and they offer that in their fixed, monthly rate. No surprise bills here. These managed services also come with various options, such as VoIP, wireless solutions, and virtualization – you name it. At PRO OnCall technologies, we’ll go through all of these services and see what exactly your business needs.

In addition to this predictable bill that makes budgeting simpler, the way our services effectively operate also cash in the savings. By being proactive and constantly scanning your system, we can catch any dangers and fix them remotely before they have the chance to really cause damage. This saves you the cost of having to bring out a specialist to your location. Proactive services will solve your most severe problems first, making sure your business is always running smoothly. And, remember that downtime? Yeah, that won’t happen anymore.

Another part of proactive IT services is a 24/7/365 help desk, so if you ever have any questions or requests, there will be someone there for you! We have professionals that really know IT, so you can definitely trust our knowledge and recommendations.

At PRO OnCall, we know what we’re doing, and we know how to help you. We understand the benefits of proactive IT support over reactive support, and we’re prepared to analyze your business to offer you the best solutions for your success. Don’t hesitate to contact us!