The Backing Behind Unified Communications Consulting

Business communications have grown more complex in the past years, as increasing numbers of people work together from locations all over the globe. This means that companies with poor communication could be losing money. What’s more, they could be losing an even more precious asset — their employees. One of the top three reasons employees leave a company is a poor communication overall.

We can change that with unified communication (UC) services. Tools such as web conferencing, desktop sharing, conference calls, IM, and email make connecting with your team easier than ever. This means companies have been able to stay connected, hold meetings, and share data while on the move. 

Companies are looking into different options, trying to determine which ones best fit their organization. Using a UC consultant can simplify the process and help organizations figure out which tools are the best fit for their company. 

A blog in Bizfluent said it perfectly, “Communication in the workplace is necessary for the business to succeed.”

Does investing in UC solutions make sense for my company?

Not all companies need to have UC solutions in place for their employees. Ask yourself a few questions to see if your organization would benefit.

Are any of my employees remote or mobile? When employees work away from the office, they can unintentionally get left out of the loop. UC keeps these employees in the know as to what is happening with their projects and customers.

Are slow communications impacting efficiency? Slow communication is the catalyst for many things, not just efficiency. A manager may not be made aware of a client problem, or a memo about a company meeting may get missed. With a UC solution, your company can avoid these issues with quick communication and response times. 

Assuming that you are in the large group that should look into a UC solution, where do you start?

Integrating with the cloud

UC consultants often have cloud UC packages that can be included with their services. Unified messaging, video conferencing, audio and web communications, IM, and voice are often included. The cloud can use a business’ current tools in combination with any new tools needed. 

By using a cloud UC package, your business can lower startup costs and the UC consultant can get you set up, with integration, and take care of maintenance. 

Consulting for hosted solutions

A hosted solution may be a better option for some companies. Business owners are looking to customize solutions and create excellent user experiences with a combination of services. When going this route, understanding the benefits the company is receiving is extremely important. The owner must decide which solution to get and who will manage which pieces of that solution. UC consultants are often called on to help the business owner customize the solution and advise on which solutions can be managed in house and which should be outsourced. 

Choosing the right UC solution for your business

Unified communications can bring cost-savings to businesses and improve productivity within the workforce. By creating a customized solution for your business, you receive the peace of mind that comes from knowing your solution will work for you. 

Speak to your UC consultant to discuss the number of employees that will be using the technology, the internal and external communications that often occur, and the environment in which the system will be used. They can guide you along the path of perfect customization for your company.

Once the solution is in place, take the time to ensure your staff is well trained on the technology. Once the investment is made, it can only be used to its full potential if the employees know how to use the technology. 

Switching to a unified communication solution is a growing trend in the business world, as companies are understanding the impact that UC can have on their organization. Now is the time to make a change for the better by working with a UC consultant to customize a solution for your business.