Business VoIP: Get More Done On The Go

Productivity: it’s time that translates into money. 

What if there was a solution to help you maximize yours? Good news, there is. It’s called Voice over Internet Protocol, a.k.a. VoIP. 

VoIP technology enhances your business communications by giving you the ability to communicate seamlessly on a variety of different devices.

Here are a few of our favorite capabilities. 

The VoIP market is forecasted to grow at an impressive CAGR of around 28 percent from 2016-2020. — The VoIP Report

Make calls from any device. 

With VoIP, you can make a call anywhere, anytime, from nearly any internet-connected device. Your desktop, your laptop, your tablet … if it’s connected to the internet and has a microphone, you can make a call using it. 

Picture this. You have a client call in five minutes. Normally, you’d call them from your desk phone. But there’s construction currently going on in the office next door. And it’s LOUD.

No problem. You grab your laptop, head to a quieter area of the office, and hop on the call. No reschedule required. Ah. Sweet, sweet flexibility. 

Voicemails on demand. 

VoIP increases your productivity and mobility, allowing you to check voicemails on any email or text-enabled device. 

For example, say you’re at happy hour with a few coworkers. You get an email with capital U-R-G-E-N-T in the subject line. Two seconds later you get another – this one containing an mp3 attachment. 

Since you’ve got a business VoIP solution, you’re able to step outside and listen to the audio file. Turns out a client has questions about a report you created earlier that day and needs you to confirm something before their presentation in 20 minutes. 

No sweat. You’re able to call them back and answer their questions, ensuring they’re presentation-ready. Now, back to that IPA. 

Mobile technologies that allow for remote work can increase productivity by nearly 20%. — The VoIP Report

From your car to your office and back again. 

VoIP’s “live call transfer” feature lets you seamlessly transfer calls from one device to another mid-call. 

Imagine you’re on a call with a client and it’s going a bit longer than expected. You’ve got to start making your way to a movie (you promised your son you’d see the latest Star Wars flick), but you don’t want to end your current call. Not a problem. 

You transfer the call from your desk phone to your cell and finish up the call as you head to your car. Corporate connection designed with convenience in mind. 

Be local, anywhere. 

As technology advances, it’s only natural to expand your business reach. For some, that means globally. Business VoIP gives you the ability to use an international number, even if you’re Stateside. 

Let’s say you live and work in Texas, but have partners in Japan. With business VoIP, you can have a Japanese phone number. This allows you to communicate with your clients or partners as seamlessly as if you were in Japan. Simply ask your provider to get you set up with an international telephone number. 

The power of business VoIP. 

VoIP has the power to revolutionize your communications. It’s an easily scalable, cost-effective solution that allows you to be flexible, mobile, and in touch, regardless of where you are in the world. And that’s good for business.