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Guide: 6 ways a VoIP phone system can improve customer service

VoIP phone systems are becoming increasingly important for businesses. According to market research, the size of the VoIP market will be $136.76 billion by 2020. This growth has largely been driven by businesses’ desire to offer better service to their customers and better working conditions for their employees. Here are six ways a VoIP phone system could improve customer service in your business.

1. Never miss a call

When you use a VoIP phone system, it is easy to ensure you never miss a customer call. The cloud-based system receives all customer calls, even if there is a connection problem at your physical office or your employees are not currently available to take the call. It is simple to set up your VoIP system to allow customers to leave a message if you cannot talk to them right now. You can even redirect calls to mobiles or alternative office sites at certain times of the day.

2. Be mobile and flexible

When your business uses a VoIP phone system, your employees no longer need to remain at their desks in order to take calls from customers. Instead, they can answer calls that come into their work line from their mobile phone, home phone, or from a phone in an alternative office site. This mobility makes it easy for you to organize an office move or to enable flexible and remote working for your employees.

3. Scale your business easily

Cloud-hosted VoIP phone systems make it easy to scale your customer service up or down according to the needs of your business. You can instantly increase the volume of calls your system can handle when your business grows, or dial back the service to reduce costs if your business experiences a quiet period.

4. Analyze the customer call experience

When you use a VoIP phone system, it is easy to track how many calls you receive at various times of day and how long customers spend on hold. This information can help you to plan how best to respond to your customers’ demands. You can also track how long a typical call lasts, which can be useful information for identifying employee training needs.

5. Control costs for your business

Studies show that businesses that switch to using a VoIP phone system experience an average saving or between 50 and 75 percent. The savings can be even bigger for small business than they are for larger corporations. The average saving for a business with 30 phones is $1,200 a month. If you need to make a lot of international calls, you could cut your costs by up to 90 percent.

6. Improve collaboration within the business

In addition to using a VoIP phone system to communicate with customers, your business can also benefit from using VoIP to facilitate communication and collaboration between employees. VoIP services make it easy for workers to hold telephone conferences, during which they can work together to discuss and improve customer service.

By bringing various benefits to your business, a VoIP phone system can improve the service your brand is able to provide to consumers. If you are still using traditional phone services, perhaps now is the time to update your system to use VoIP technology.