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The Cost Benefits of Managed IT Services

Who doesn’t want to save money? With extra money, you could take your business to new levels. You could expand your business to multiple offices, hire more people, bring in new technologies, outreach… the possibilities are endless.

Well, how do you save that extra money? One effective way is through your technology choices. Technology is expensive, there’s no denying that. However, in this rapidly developing business world, you just can’t find success without it. So, you need to make the smartest decisions when it comes to how you manage your IT. That’s why so many businesses are getting in touch with a managed service provider (MSP) to handle their IT needs. Here are a few reasons why this solution is the cost-effective decision you need to make.

With an MSP, there won’t be any surprise costs

At PRO OnCall Technologies, our managed IT service plan will provide you with cost benefits you hadn’t even thought of before. What do we mean by this? Well, we will begin by assessing your company, then coming up with a custom bundle for you with all the services that you need. Pretty neat, huh? What’s even neater is that this all comes at a flat, monthly rate. The costs are known when you come to an MSP, so budgeting is a lot simpler. This is much more beneficial than the traditional, reactive break-fix IT approach. In the reactive approach, you address each problem individually after the damage has already been done, and it’s so easy for the bills to pile on. Whether it be a specialist you have to roll out to your location and pay by the hour, or new hardware that you need to buy, it can get costly. With an MSP, you know what you’re getting, you know what you’re paying each month, and that’s that. Pretty simple. And if any adjustments ever need to be made, just talk to us. We won’t make things difficult.

You’re getting quality service for your money

What exactly are you getting for your money? Well, this proactive support offers 24/7/365 help desk support, increased security, reduced downtime, the latest and greatest apps, and so much more. You’re speaking with experts here, so we know what we’re doing and we’ll only recommend the best. We’ll also constantly maintain and upgrade your technology without you ever having to worry or lose time. For example, with our cloud services, we make sure the applications you’re using (like Office 365) are in the newest version. They will always be upgraded and running efficiently. This cloud-based technology could replace any aging application servers, and its service is also charged on a monthly fee basis. As our job as an MSP, we will help you determine the best options for your current and future IT needs.

We’ll bring the experts so you don’t have to train your own

A huge benefit of turning to an MSP are the experts we provide. Because of this, your business doesn’t need to hire in-house IT staff and train them. An in-house staff member could get very pricey because they could demand a higher salary, and you have to accommodate them because you need their services. And when they want to go on vacation, what happens then? With an MSP, our experts will take care of any problems that come up, quickly and efficiently.

Due to all of these benefits, every business needs to hire an MSP ASAP! At PRO OnCall Technologies, we prioritize business first and technology second to bring the best solutions to real-world business issues. We really do care about your business, and your spending affects how your business grows. We have years of experience that take us a step above the rest. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!