5 things that managed service providers do for your business

From network monitoring to cloud storage, managed service providers (MSPs) offer a wide range of IT services to help companies succeed. Below, we look at what managed service providers do, the assistance they provide, and the five key ways they can help you.   

Managed service providers

Managed service providers can help you manage your IT infrastructure so you can spend more time growing your company rather than worrying about your IT needs. The types of support offered by MSPs include:

  • Cloud and hard copy backup 
  • Compliance 
  • Disaster planning and risk management
  • IT architecture and budget planning
  • Maintenance and auditing
  • Communications including VoIP and BYOD policies 
  • Day-to-day troubleshooting
  • Cybersecurity protection 

The 5 ways that managed service providers can support your business 

While partnering with a managed service provider has numerous benefits, here are the five key ways that they can support your business. 

Cybersecurity protection

MSPs can drastically improve your overall cybersecurity profile, and businesses are increasingly aware of the valuable insight and security support that a managed service provider can provide.

A recent report estimated that nearly 80 percent of SMBs will have outsourced at least half of their cybersecurity needs to MSPs within the next five years, and 78 percent of SMBs plan on increasing their security spending within the next 12 months. 

24/7 support

Whatever industry you operate in, your IT needs don’t stop when the office closes. While in-house IT staff may offer you support during regular office hours, a managed service provider can offer you comprehensive round-the-clock IT support to minimize downtime and reduce the resources wasted on IT troubleshooting. 

From 24/7 network monitoring to disaster prevention, managed service providers are on hand when you need them.   

IT budget management

A good managed service provider knows that managing your IT budget is a top business priority. These IT specialists will assess your existing infrastructure and help you design an IT management strategy that aligns with your business goals and your IT budget. 

Specifically, with managed IT services, you can reduce costs such as expensive hardware and server purchases because these systems are located offsite and hosted by your provider. You’ll get the benefit of IT specialist knowledge with far less upfront investment than if you rely solely on in-house IT support.  

Risk assessment 

The risks and threats facing your business are evolving continuously. It’s hard to spare the in-house IT staff to review your risk planning strategies at regular intervals, and sometimes, they might not know where to begin. 

Managed service providers have the experience to help you understand the challenges facing your business and how to manage risk effectively. 


SMBs face unique regulatory compliance challenges. Data protection rules evolve constantly, and most SMBs don’t have the resources in-house to stay ahead of legal developments. 

By partnering with a managed service provider, small and medium-sized businesses can outsource their compliance needs to experts who will ensure that they’re fulfilling their legal compliance obligations at all times.

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A managed service provider can help you grow your IT infrastructure in a cost-effective, sustainable way that supports your long and short-term business goals. For more information on partnering with a managed service provider or employing managed IT services, contact us today.