Diminishing mobile vulnerabilities with experienced IT partners

Accessing private corporate data from a device without the hefty firewalls present on most internal technology presents a security issue to be addressed.

ShoreTel maximizes offering with M5 acquisition

In a move to increase its utility in an evolving business world, ShoreTel recently announced a strategic acquisition of M5 Networks – a provider of hosted unified communications solutions.

How Butler Heating & Air Conditioning improved through technology assessment and planning

In a move to generate improvement in their service offerings, Butler's decision makers wisely turned to a trusted managed IT service in the area to assess the utility of the business' internal practices.

Why mobile solutions are an important business continuity consideration in the present day

Business officials in any industry have come to understand that traditional workplace dynamics have undergone a fundamental shift.

Overcoming VoIP hurdles to enjoy its benefits

With the ability to enable both national and global telecommunications with unprecedented productivity and cost-efficient, IP-based business phone systems such as VoIP (Voice over IP) are quickly becoming a standard for companies evolving into the present day.

Identifying an organization's UC focus area

While unified communications (UC) are often perceived as a natural evolution of enterprise-level communications, a recent article published by Network World suggests that many business officials have not undertaken a fully-developed UC strategy.

Tech blog suggests cloud platforms even more useful for small businesses

Weblog ReadWriteWeb recently published an article suggesting that utilizing cloud platforms for corporate data management may be even more meaningful for small businesses.

Partnering with a Cincinnati IT consulting firm to curtail energy misuse

According to the recent study "Energy Management Systems for Industrial Markets" conducted by Pike Research, enterprises in the United States are quickly realizing that the massive energy consumption currently deployed by American corporations will not be able to sustain competitive business models.

The importance of developing a pre-determined UC strategy

It is crucial for enterprise users considering the benefits of a UC infrastructure to have a specific strategy in mind when developing a deployment plan.

Recent article discusses how companies can prepare for the evolution beyond the PC

Enterprise technology has evolved well beyond the PC era.